Friday, January 24, 2014

Lime Pop

After days upon days of staying home sick, staying home for holidays, staying home for snow days, and lazily dressing for the cold, I really wanted to bring some life and color into my outfit.

So last night, I dragged myself off the floor and pulled these bright green velvet shoes off my shoe rack. I got them recently on eBay for 11 dollars. I used to have the same pair in purple, and it wasn't very long before the velvet had rubbed off them to the point of unwearability, so I better make the most of these while they last!

In a flash of inspiration, I remembered I had a camisole in almost the exact same shade of green, so I pulled that out as well. As usual, when wearing such flamboyant colors, I gravitated to my notice-me black and white star skirt, and finished off the look with star earrings of course, and a white cardigan and black tights to keep me warm.

Style Tip Opaque tights do not actually do much to keep you warm in 11° temperatures.

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