Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lace Monstrosities

I admit that the moment I bought these shoes, I knew they were not going to be very practical. Ivory lace? It's just going to get shredded, muddy, discolored, snagged. But I took one look at that towering heel and lace-up vamp and there was no turning back.

Once they arrived, I admired them with awe, then spent several days trying to plan outfits to wear with them. My cigarette pants ended up looking dumb (too much gap between shoe and pant). My dress worn as a skirt (yeah, I was originally intending to wear it with these shoes) ended up looking dumb. Khakis looked dumb. White tights looked dumb. Long pants would have looked OK, but they would have covered up the shoes!

Finally, I wore them with this green dress and black tights, which I think works because the pattern on the dress kind of has lacy characteristics, and the black details work well with the black (actually very dark brown) in the heels.

I felt this was another look that makes my ankles look awkwardly skinny and reminds me of ostrich leg, so after several attempts at softening this effect with various types of socks, I eventually settled on the leg warmers.

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