Thursday, February 20, 2014

One Skirt, Four Seasons: Winter

Not too long ago, I got this skirt. It's a fake leather, deep purple, pencil skirt. It's not something I consider quite my style, as I'm not big on pencil skirts, nor on leather and its lookalikes. But leather has been everywhere lately, and it's hard to avoid getting a little interested in the trend. I was also pretty intrigued by the unconventional purple color, so I bought it. At three dollars, it wasn't going to be a big loss even if I never wore it.

And, as it turns out, that is exactly what happened. It sat in my closet for weeks while I rejected it for outfit upon outfit. Finally, one day, I set myself a challenge to find clothes in my closet that I could wear with this skirt. And what I came up with was a surprising wealth of possibilities! I have now planned a different outfit featuring this skirt for each season of the year!

This is the winter look. It features a purple and forest green theme, tied together by a pair of cozy legwarmers with all the colors. I was especially excited when I found two bracelets in more of the same, which I stacked on my wrist for a fun bracelet-heavy look that I don't often sport.

Originally the winter look for this skirt was going to feature my gold sweater, but I got stumped as to how to keep my legs warm without resorting to black leggings, which wouldn't really complement the other colors, so stay tuned...this skirt has 3 more seasons to go, and possibly another winter showing as well!

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  1. Great picture! The photographer must have a lot of skill.