Saturday, February 1, 2014

Two by two

I don't often blog my outfits on the weekends—typically because my weekend uniform usually consists of lounge pants and a mismatched T-shirt—but I put a little more effort into this one because I wanted to impress my boyfriend for his glorious homecoming!

I don't think he noticed, because the combination of jetlag and a number of delays probably rendered him fairly uninterested in what I was wearing, but at least you, dear Internet, can appreciate it!

I was taken by the combination of a blue-green sweater and a just-slightly-different-blue-green tank top worn underneath...combined with brown jeans and just-slightly-different-brown boots over the top. Two almost-identical-color garments worn side-by-side next to two other almost-identical-color garments! I feel like there's all sorts of mathematical extrapolations that can be drawn from this! Or not.

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