Friday, May 18, 2012

Unfashion A Day, Week 19

Pastel's Last Gasp

I got this shirt a number of years ago as a gift. It was enormous. I added some darts in the back to give it a more tailored fit, but when I tried it on Monday morning, it was even more enormous than I remembered. It just keeps getting bigger! To kind of disguise its overwhelming size, I cinched it at the waist with a black belt and tied together the disparate levels of brightness with black pants. You'll notice that the embroidered florals running up each side are too far to the side (bigness issue) and their bottom edges get awkwardly covered by the belt (accessorizing issue). I spent the whole day wishing I could go home so I could get out of this dowdy outfit. I think it's high time for me to retire this blouse.

Into the Ocean

Mermedallion. Do you like how
I shot it next to a treasure chest?
Wasn't that a clever touch?
To make up for Monday's debacle, I had to look extra-spiffy on Tuesday. So I broke out this teal dress, which I think is one of my most flattering articles of clothing. Though the sleeves are a little too puffy for my taste, the rest of the dress fits like a dream! (And as an added bonus, it's pretty much my only dress that's a size small, making me feel oh-so dainty whenever I wear it!) Style Tip When wearing a solid-color dress, make sure to sport an accessory or two to break up the monotony! For this dress, the accessory was a mermaid medallion (painted on a piece of seashell) hanging from a sea-green string—one of the many pieces of jewelry I got in my last eBay lot. My lime green shoes were just different enough from the other colors to seem interesting, and just similar enough to not stand out. On the whole, I think this outfit is another example of analogous color schemes at their finest!

Navy Green

In an example of analogous color schemes at their somewhat less fine, Wednesday I wore a blue-grey top with green pants. The blue-grey top puzzled me—with its stripes of navy blue and light blue (so washed out as to appear almost grey), it was too dark to wear with black or khaki. It probably would have looked good with blue jeans, but jeans are only to be worn to work as a last resort! So I decided to try it with green pants. This gave me another opportunity to wear those grey ankle boots (side note: some day, I will find a way to wear those boots so they aren't completely covered by pants!) The outfit looked...OK...but don't think I'll be winning any style awards for it.

Black Attack

When you buy clothes in a lot on eBay, you're usually buying the bottom of someone's closet, which means you usually have the seller's fashion sense (and 5-year-old styles) imposed on you. For example, the last large lot I bought was almost exclusively in shades of blue and blue-green, with a few neutrals like off-white and black. Stripes were a huge theme. Wednesday's shirt was one from that collection; this black-and-white shirt is another. Again, the length was too long to wear with any of my skirts, so I wore it with pants (isn't it ironic that my summer tops oblige me to wear pants more often than I ever wore in the winter!). Black pants. Black shoes. My only option for color was going to be in my jewelry, but instead, I chose a white bracelet and silver earrings. It's worth noting that after shooting my photos, I decided the earrings were too ornate and traded them for these simpler, but still silvery, glass earrings.

You may be wondering where Friday's entry is, and the answer is: I'm withholding it. This is the last week of Unfashion A Day, and I want it to go out with a bang! That means I'm going to drum up the suspense and make you wait to see my final outfit. And wait, and wait, and wait.

Oh, and Geoff? All those ridiculous smiles are for you.

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