Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ebony and Emerald

Next up on my to-wear list: this fantastic pair of green sparkly shoes that I got on eBay for 17 dollars. I went back and forth with myself over whether they were worth the price—glitter-coated shoes have a pretty short lifespan. But eventually my love of green won me over, and when they arrived, I was pleased to see that they weren't coated in glitter, but were actually constructed from a sparkly fabric, which should make them a bit more durable.

Despite my love of green, I have little in my wardrobe that would pair well with such an in-your-face application of it, but I did have (also never worn) a kelly green scarf. I decided to wear all black and accessorize with green.

My original plan was to wear black pants and a black shirt, then wear the scarf over my shoulders and belted at the waist like a vest (this is an up-and-coming style, and you heard it from me first...maybe second). Sadly, when I arrived at work, I realized I had left the belt at home. I decided I would settle for the traditional and boring scarf-around-the-neck, but that was before I attempted to do my hair.

The previous day, I had worn my hair in a mostly failed attempt at curls, so it was looking pretty ratty. I had hoped to turn the chaos into a messy braid, which always looks adorable on Pinterest. But I should have known that what looks adorable on Pinterest generally looks crappy on me. By the time I had wrestled my day-old mop into the semblance of a side braid, I hated my hair and my life. Suddenly I realized that the 'do might be salvaged if I covered up the worst of it with my scarf. So I invented this cute double-braided scarf headband style! Check it out. That's a braid braided into another braid. Pinterest, I'm ready for my close-up!

In the evening, I wore the scarf more as I had originally intended. But since I was going out for a more casual occasion, I toned down the severity of the look by trading in the black pants for blue jeans. 
The shades of the shoes and scarf were a much closer match than this photo would indicate.

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