Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mystic Moon

I was never really happy with this skirt. It looked so pretty and bohemian on the model when I saw it online, but once it was actually in my possession, I found it to ride too low on my hips and hang too high above the ground. It was supposed to be a maxi skirt, but instead, it hit at an awkward spot right at my ankles. I wore it a few times, decided it didn't make me as happy as I'd imagined it would, decided to sell it, felt sad to be throwing away such promise, and finally saved the skirt by taking in the waistband a bit so it sat on my waist instead of my hips and landed at a more flattering calf length.

Come January, I sure felt glad that I hadn't thrown away one of my only long skirts, because it's way too cold to wear short ones and way too boring to wear pants. I paired it with a purple top and new navy blue boots. About those boots: within two days of the arrival of the New Year, I broke my resolution to invest in quality, by buying 3 10-dollar pairs of boots—but I don't regret it, because these boots are just what my wardrobe had been needing. Dark enough to wear as a neutral, yet without the starkness of black, they are the perfect complement to this violet-blue skirt and hopefully many others!

However, I feel the feather in the cap of this outfit is actually the jewelry. Not content with one moon necklace, I had found two others, more dramatic, on eBay a few months ago, and bought them in a jewelry spending spree similar to the boot one of last week. The purple and blue one sets off the colors of my clothing nicely, and enhances the new-age mood that always comes with a raggedy peasant skirt like this. But check out the earrings! I was lucky enough to already have them in my earring collection, and they have the same filigreed silver design of the moon necklace, appearing almost to be part of a matched set!

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