Friday, January 23, 2015

Frog Legs

After the resounding success of my tights with stars on them, I was ready to venture out into even more daring territory—tights with animal faces on them! I've seen cat face tights here and there, and I like them, but I feel like they're too common (at least, common among the limited set of people who would dare to wear tights with animal faces on them). Frogs, now, well, they're a little more unique, and they would go swimmingly (get it?) with my favorite color, green.

My sea-green skater dress made its first appearance since this summer, and I wore kitten heel shoes in a different shade of green. I worried about clashing, then I told myself to stop worrying so much. I topped it with a black blazer, because it was cold, and also because I rather enjoyed the corporate-meets-kindergarten incongruity of it all. In case anyone missed the whole frog theme, I also made sure to don my frog earrings.

I wore this outfit for a birthday party on Saturday. I was probably a little overdressed for the living-room family affair, but better overdressed than under!

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