Thursday, January 15, 2015

Squirrels love pink

I have acquired a lot of new clothes and accessories over the past couple of months, and haven't had a lot of opportunity to wear them. There are also a couple of older but neglected items I have that I'd like to bring back into rotation. Thus, I've compiled a "must-wear" list of things that should be a top priority when I'm planning outfits. Two of the items on the list (currently about 17 long) are the new pink tunic-length blouse that I got for 5$ at Rugged Wearhouse, and the squirrel pin that I've only worn once since I bought it around a year ago.

Originally I was just planning on wearing the blouse with leggings and boots, but upon realizing that I could benefit from the use of jewelry to spice it up, it occurred to me that my squirrel pin was practically tailor-made for such a need. It is actually two pins – a squirrel and an acorn – joined by a gold chain. Two years ago, this type of pin, worn on each side of a pointed collar, was at the height of fashion. Now you never see it, and you could even go so far as to call it "dated."

But a squirrel and an acorn is just quirky enough to be genuinely timeless, so here it is! If I ever wear a shirt with a pocket, I know I'll have lots of fun "burying" the acorn, but today it's just going in the standard location on the two sides of my collar.

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  1. This reminds me of a cover that Jann and I designed. The outfit kind of looks similar, you should be holding a piccolo.