Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vested in Me

Airborne hairbrush!
A few weeks ago, I went to the thrift store, looking, in part, for more sleeveless tops suitable for wearing at the office. I found this vest.

It looks to be straight out of ... well, some bygone era (though with the tags cut out, it's hard to tell much about it), which means it must be getting close to being cool again, not to mention it looks pretty spiffy on me! Fabulous find for only 2 dollars.

Normally I am loath to wear vests. It annoys me that they warm up my torso (which is usually sweating even when it's cold around me) while leaving my arms uncovered (my arms and extremities being the parts of me typically most in need of added warmth—this is one reason I'm so fond of arm warmers). But that's winter vests, and this little article is a horse of a different color!

For one thing, I have no intention of wearing it in the winter, so the need for warming my arms is negated. For another thing, it really only covers a small portion of my body (the zipper on front is probably about 6 inches long), with the rest of it being open and airy, eliminating the too-hot torso problem created by, for example, sweater vests.

I happily donned it yesterday morning, on a day when the high was forecast to be 100 degrees. Underneath it, I wore a white ribbed tank, and then puzzled over what I'd wear to cover my legs. White capris proved to be too squat and bulky, and I wouldn't be caught dead wearing black pants in heat like this. I really wanted to wear it with a black pleated miniskirt, but sadly I don't have one. I thought about wearing it with my short white skirt, but I think that's in the laundry. That left long white pants, which I was relieved to see looked pretty good, 'cause I was fresh out of ideas.

Black wedge sandals were hidden underneath, and black floral earrings rounded out the top.

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  1. I think the pants were the best match for the vest. But I like white pants. It's like "look at me, I'm a grown-up!".