Friday, July 20, 2012

Bad Jeans

Reader Geoff expressed an interest in seeing me wear baggy jeans ("cos you never wear baggy or jeans and it'd be unique"), so here goes.

Actually most of my pants lean more toward the baggy side, so I don't know what he's talking about, but my baggiest are these. This style of straight wide-leg jeans with an extended bottom hem reached the height of their popularity in the late 90's (bear with me if I'm off a bit. I didn't have a fashion blog then) and then vanished from the scene, only to be found in thrift stores, where I got these.

I don't wear them often, because the cardinal rule of Unfashionism is baggy pants must be paired with tight shirts and vice versa, and I just don't have that many tight shirts. I also don't have that much call to wear jeans. When I do, it's usually for activities that require athletic shoes, and these pants are so long I pretty much have to wear them with heels. But in spite of that, this is one of my favorite pairs of jeans cause they have a great silhouette and they're just so darn comfy!

I probably would have worn them with a pink T-shirt, but Geoff kind of ruined that forever, so I scoured my closet for something in a different color that was snug-fitting enough to keep me from looking frumpy.

This fluorescent green tank top fit the bill. With its tailored look, I thought it an appropriate way to dress up these really casual pants for work. And it just happened to match delightfully with my lime green shoes. I wish it were a tad longer, because the pants are riding a little low. Maybe I should blame the pants. They are, as usual, too large. I'll give 'em a wash in some hot water and see if that shrinks them, but if not, then I'll probably be cutting them loose.

Geoff wanted this post to be called "Good Jeans," but considering their poor fit, I thought "Bad Jeans" was more appropriate.

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  1. "I probably would have worn them with a pink T-shirt, but Geoff kind of ruined that forever"

    Valerie, Valerie, Valerie...