Saturday, July 23, 2016

Flowers for Drupalcon

Being the web developer that I am, I attend a lot of conferences relating to Drupal—usually about 2 a year. By this time, I've established a sort of conference "uniform" that typically comprises a pair of jeans, some sensible walking shoes, and a T-shirt or sweater depending on the climate. Usually I don't find my conference uniform remarkable enough to blog about (except this once), but occasionally I do make an exception and try to wear something a little more refined (like last year's refashioned floral tank top).

This year, the summer conference (Drupal GovCon) took place during a pretty intense heat wave, and there was no way I was going to be wearing anything with sleeves for weather like that, so every day of the conference, I wore some kind of tank top over my usual jeans, except on the third and final day, when I decided to mix things up a bit and wear a brand-new dress.

Alone, this dress isn't too special (except that I got it as part of a 3-for-10-dollar deal!), but since I just happened to have a perfectly coordinating pair of sunglasses (an even better deal as they were a gift!), well, I had to take a picture.

It doesn't hurt that I also got the opportunity to wear a new pair of shoes (summery, stylish, and still sensible for walking all at the same time!)...

...And that my conference badge was a pretty great match for the dress as well!

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