Friday, July 8, 2016

Red, White, and Blue

Monday was the 4th of July, and that means that last Friday was the beginning of IndepenDANCE weekend, and that means it was time to party! A bunch of friends and I were going to an Above & Beyond concert, and I wanted to wear something patriotic.

Normally for an occasion like this, I'd plan a spectacular outfit days in advance, but I was still settling into my new house and just ran out of time. So the evening of the concert, I got off work, rushed home, and scoured my closet. I had various items with stars, others with stripes, and many that were red, white, and blue, but nothing that cohesively produced an Americana vibe.

So I decided to let my makeup be the patriotic focus of this look—once again choosing to wear complicated eye makeup for a dark concert! The last time I made this mistake, I promised myself I'd add blacklight body paint to the mix, and this time I did, drawing hearts and stars and messages all over myself in invisible ink. I don't think it ever showed up at the concert, but if it did, I hope someone appreciated it!
I also wore the same sequined shoes as that time (and for the last time, because I just sold them yesterday) and then decked the rest of myself out in various white and blue items (and star earrings, of course!). The necklace lights up—a required touch for any EDM concert.

The red-rimmed glasses were an especially fortunate accessory, as my boyfriend bought them for me the last time we went to a concert (they make everything you look at sparkly and rainbow-y) and they just happened to coordinate perfectly with this concert's ensemble. Unfortunately, I won't be wearing them again either, as I lost them at the show, along with my credit card, 40 dollars, one of my invisible-ink pens, and most of my dignity. 

At least I looked put-together when I stepped out.

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