Friday, August 1, 2014

Geek chic

One of the announcement emails for the conference I attended this week stated: "Attire: This is a tech event. Unless you are planning to be at a meeting, jeans and a T-shirt are acceptable attire. You will be moving from room to room and where necessary and possible, playing with code, so be comfortable."

Ha! An Unfashionista laughs in the face of jeans and a T-shirt!

I was determined to raise my attire bar a little higher, so I spent hours before and on the first day trying to find the right mix of clothing that would be comfortable (for walking and for sitting, both in excessive air conditioning and outside in the heat), yet stylish, yet not look like I was trying too hard. Yeah, I spent hours trying to not look like I was trying too hard.

Even more ironic, my most successful outfit of the 3-day event was on the last day, when I finally jeans and a T-shirt. While the other outfits didn't garner any comments (other than "you look comfortable." Ugh! Poisonous words to the stylish!), the simple and lazy outfit I wore on Friday was a hit (garnering a whopping two favorable comments).

Apparently the jeans, DrupalCon tee, and sneakers say, "I'm a complete computer nerd," while the heels say "Well, maybe not a complete one." So now you know how to be a successful (Un)fashionista at tech event.

I was fortunate enough to have a husband-and-wife team of brilliant iPhone photographers take pictures of me in this outfit, so here it is from a variety of artful perspectives!

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  1. Outfits that I consider to be geek chic: 1) black turtleneck and jeans 2) this one. Nice job.