Monday, September 26, 2016

Caftan Top

The days of tank top weather have drawn to a close. And just as the last time I reluctantly conceded to cold-weather clothing, my look is a study in blue.

This time, though, instead of accentuating the melancholy, I've chosen to make my outfit a celebration, with lots of bright shades and new things!

I just got the shoes over the summer from*, which, thanks to their reasonable prices, even more reasonable shipping price, and liberal return policy, has become my new favorite online clothing shop!

The top was snagged at Rugged Wearhouse early in the summer for just 3 dollars on clearance! I'm not sure what to call this type of top. It's defined by a very boxy shape when laid flat and a drapey, cape-like appearance when worn; a wide, baggy body; and very loose sleeves, or simple arm openings with no sleeve at all. It resembles a poncho, but it's not really a poncho, because ponchos typically have no arm holes at all. You could say it has dolman sleeves (but only if you use the less common definition and not this more common and specific one), but that doesn't distinguish it from other dolman tops with very ugly cuffed sleeves. It's constructed in a similar style to many caftans, but it doesn't really qualify as a caftan, because they are usually dress-length. I guess, lacking any more official word, I'm going to call this top and others like it "caftan tops."

Over the past year, I've pretty much fallen in love with caftan tops, buying, in addition to this blue floral one, two open-work sweaters in the style and even making my own out of a chiffon skirt. In hotter weather, they are a wonderful way to add elegance without adding too much weight. In transitional weather, the long "sleeves" keep your arms warm when you're sitting still, but the open fabric and loose construction let in some air should you get hot. I resisted this style for a long time, because I think the silhouette (which basically turns your upper body and arms into one solid mass) isn't the most flattering on my boxy frame, but I like to believe the graceful draping of the fabric makes up for some of that, and the comfort factor wins out anyway.

When I purchased this top, my friend looked at it and said, "Isn't it too big?" (It's actually a size 3X.) But size is just a number, and big is what I was going for with this shirt. I wanted it to just flow off my back like a waterfall. I think the excess fabric actually adds to the whole baroque effect. In this case, more is more!

*The link is my personal referral link, and if you follow it and make a purchase, I get 20$! You don't get anything! Ha! Except a boatload of cool clothes at affordable prices!

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