Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Gem de la Creme

As you might recall, a layered tulle skirt has been on my wishlist for quite some time now. I've been waiting and waiting for one to appear in my price range, and finally found one...on eBay...from China...which is always a recipe for failure. But it was only $1.98 with free shipping, so I decided I could afford to be disappointed. I kept my expectations low, and when the skirt arrived, slightly see-through and with a coarser mesh than I had wanted, I was OK with it. I had known from the pictures I wasn't going to receive a thick "bouffant" skirt as the listing title advertised, but I did and do have in my fashion stash an enormous petticoat that I think I can cannibalize to fluff up the skirt some more...when I get the time.

Yesterday, I decided to just wear the skirt as-is, limp and nearly transparent though it may be. Since I also had a new cream-colored sleeveless top, I decided I'd pair the two unworn pieces and whip up a fun monochromatic outfit. Lately, it seems all-beige is all the rage, so I thought an all-cream ensemble would be a nicely trendy (though slightly more pastel) trick to try. It's also the perfect neutral backdrop for green hair, which I have discovered clashes strongly with a lot of colors (anything red is out of the question!).

The top of the shirt is translucent (almost mirroring the bottom of the skirt—three cheers for continuity!) and studded with clear crystals, so naturally my accent motif became "sparkle." I put on a pair of rhinestone dangle earrings and my multicolor-but-mostly-pastel-pink glitter slide sandals. And as an afterthought, I slipped a rhinestone ring on my finger.
Overall, I'm content with the look, but I don't think I'll wear this skirt again until I can at least find a better liner for it. I'd prefer a full-length, fully opaque liner, thank you very much.

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