Monday, September 12, 2016

The Rainbow and the Top of Gold

Two of The Unfashionista's mottos are: One can never have too many shoes, and one can never have too many rainbows. I've actually been on a continual search for rainbow-colored sandals for years (these ones probably count, but one can never have too many!), and finally, to my delight, I found these rainbow-heeled wedge sandals on eBay for just 6 dollars!

Yes, they are probably at least 15 years old (I still don't recollect when square-toed shoes were last in style, though I'm pretty sure the ones I wore to my high school graduation fit the bill — but in any case these ones are as square as the 1950's!)...yes, the printed canvas has faded to a muted shadow of a rainbow...but still, they are rainbow shoes and I'm delighted!

They arrived on my doorstep in the early part of July, and it took me a while to figure out how to wear them. When I discovered that they paired perfectly with my golden-yellow summer sweater, I knew that no other introductory outfit would do. The only problem was that, because the arm openings on that top are very low-cut, I have to wear it with some kind of shirt underneath. In the past, I've always paired it with a black tank top, but since it was the hottest part of summer by then, I was absolutely having no part of a double-layered top half. I briefly thought about wearing one of my black bralettes underneath (since I first noticed the existence of said undergarment / overgarment-if-you're-brave, I have bought 3 of them).

  If you can't hide it, flaunt it!

For those summer days when your skimpy shirt doesn't adequately hide your bra, don't wear a bra at all! No, I'm not saying go braless, although that is an option under certain shirts. I'm saying, wear a cute bralette or bandeau that's made to be seen! That way when your straps are showing, or your side boob, or your underboob, or whatever taboo part of you your shirt would otherwise reveal, it looks pretty and intentional instead of trashy.

Unfortunately, this sweater is somewhat transparent, and a black bra underneath didn't produce the effect I wanted, so I got on eBay and found a beige lacy bandeau that wouldn't show through the fabric, but would make for a nice side view if it came to that, and all for only $1.59! But cheapness has its own costs, and in this case, it was having to wait for shipping from China. So a couple weeks went by.

Then, when the bandeau finally arrived, I put off wearing the outfit again, because by that time, the daily highs were in the 90's, and even a summer sweater is too much sweater in weather like that! So I waited patiently for a day in the low 80's—not just any day in the low 80's, though—it had to be a weekend day, since I planned to wear the outfit with shorts (though I later decided capri pants looked better) and furthermore didn't feel like putting my lacy armpits on display at the office. 

Finally on September 11, the day arrived! From conceptualization to realization, this outfit took almost exactly 2 months...and after all that buildup, I really don't have anything more to say about it.

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