Monday, October 31, 2016

About to fall

Fall florals are an underappreciated motif in clothing, greatly outnumbered by springy pinks and summery reds, but when you find them in their rusty hues of burgundy and orange, they allow you to be a walking embodiment of nature, right up until the depths of winter (when you can switch to snow-and-ice-themed clothing instead). Until this year, my only piece of fall floral clothing was a sleeveless brown dress with a roses and leaves print. But after 3 years of dutifully wearing it once or twice a year, I retired it at the beginning of this autumn. Just in time to rotate in a seasonally appropriate replacement—this nifty fall floral blouse with outsized bell sleeves and frilly embellishments running up the front!

I bought it for too much money ($5.21, after you factor in the cost of shipping), but I don't regret my splurge. Since I discovered in early August, I've made 3 orders from the site, but this shirt is probably my favorite purchase. It is unapologetically over-the-top, and I love it for it.

I kind of did it a disservice, wearing it with my baggy, outdated (but very comfortable) brown slacks. Originally I had much grander plans to wear it with a new brown skirt, but the lengths and relative fits of the two garments did not work together, so at the last minute I switched to the pants. Hopefully the fun and festive blouse will stand on its own merits (better than I stand on this bench!).

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