Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Life Aqua


You might have noticed, I get a little sartorially excited when we have unseasonably warm weather, and this, the third week in October, has been a true blessing from Mother Nature, with temperatures not less than 80 degrees for the last 3 days! Now, I made my fall wardrobe switch October first on the dot, which left me with precious little summer clothing to sustain me through this warm spell, but somehow I managed.

My favorite outfit of the week was this one, a study in blue and blue-green. I have so much aqua in my wardrobe that I once decided to wear it every day for a week. I haven't tried anything like that again (nowadays I actively avoid wearing the same main color two days in a row), but aqua's still the color of choice when I want to go for a tonal look.

The sweater is yet another of the baggy sheer top layers I'm obsessing over this year (there's another one which I wore last week but didn't have much to say about). In the past with this sweater, I've tried to do a little contrast between the underlayer and the top layer, but this time, I decided matchy-matchy was the way to go.

With the aqua tops, I wore my teal pumps (shout-out to these workhorses, which I've had for 4 years without them showing any signs of dying, and which remain my most comfortable pair of heels!).

To further celebrate the warm weather, I decided to wear cropped pants. I've really been enjoying the fact that cropped flares are so trendy this year. While all my crops are so old they're from a time when they were referred to as "capri pants," they bear a striking similarity to the new ones—enough that I'm wearing the dickens out of them while I still can. I had several options, but in the end I felt the dark blue denim ones looked the most polished, so on they went!

I like a good monochrome (or monochrome + blue jeans) look as much as anyone, but I felt like I wanted to spice things up a bit and wear some non-blue jewelry. Butterflies ended up being the name of the game. 
I put on a now-ancient butterfly bracelet and some newer butterfly earrings. Sadly, I lost one of the earrings on my bike ride home (this is one good reason why I never spend more than 2 dollars on a piece of jewelry), so it looks like this will be the first and last time they feature in my blog. Bon voyage, beautiful butterflies!

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