Monday, October 24, 2016


You know something that I've come to love over the last couple years? Tunics.

I used to get so annoyed when I would buy a dress on eBay only to find that it barely covered my rear end. I could never understand why so many women are happy running around in minidresses—if I can't bend over in it without revealing all of my "assets," it is completely worthless to me.

However, once I decided to rebrand these dresses as "tunics" and wear pants underneath, everything changed for the better.

I love tunics! I can wear them with leggings (i.e. the comfort kings of fashion) and still feel like I'm dressed appropriately for work! They have the cute, feminine appearance of dresses, with none of the cold legs and underwear anxiety! They are dressy yet casual at the same time—they help you look nice, but not "too nice." Haha, points for the "tunic" wordplay, right?

Here are a handful of the tunics that have enhanced my wardrobe in recent years:
You could even consider my blue and white caftan top a tunic, covering two of my current favorite styles in one majestic garment!

The latest addition to my tunic collection is this blue half-sleeved sweater which I got for just a dollar at Rugged Wearhouse! I bought it in early summer and tucked it away for fall, whereupon I got it out, took one look at its folded form, and wondered why I had bothered getting yet another blue warm-weather sweater. Then I unfolded it, marveled at its length, and fell in love! It could be worn with so many different pairs of pants for any number of effortless outfits!

Today, I decided on white skinny jeans and white heeled boots, because I do love the combination of blue and white (it always reminds me of elegant china dinnerware). I wore a long necklace just to break up the blocks of color, but the charms and chains kept snagging on the sweater, so I took it off midway through the morning, before I took the photo.

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