Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wearing the Unwearable: Skirts and Butterflies Edition

Q: How do you wear a skintight miniskirt at the office?
A: Very carefully.

I have this skirt I bought in September and still haven't worn (OK, so I wore it once, the day that I bought it, after sitting in a puddle in New York and ruining the only pair of pants I had with me, but that doesn't count since it was covered up with a jacket the whole time).

Every time I try it on, I go "Eek! That's too tight!" But finally I had a brilliant idea to make it workplace-friendly: wear pants underneath! Layered over a sober pair of black pants, the miniskirt ceases to be inappropriate office attire and becomes instead an accent piece, like a belt!

On top, I wore a lace trimmed camisole in black and pastel pink (almost lavender). I got it secondhand, and it's seen better days, but it's wearable enough. I topped that with the black bolero which is becoming one of my best fashion investments at about 2 dollars!

I hesitated to wear these shoes since they're so tall, and the pants aren't really that long, but they are purple, so I did anyway. Fortunately, the pants are loose enough that I was able to wiggle them down a few inches and make my purple platforms less conspicuous. Style Tip Flared pants should always be worn either within a couple inches of the ground or around mid-calf-length. Anything in between risks making you look like you just had a growth spurt and your wardrobe hasn't caught up.

Today was a great day for accessorizing! I have a number of jewelry items that look grand with purple clothes, one of which is a new purple butterfly brooch that I just got on eBay.

A brooch, you say? Does anyone wear brooches these days? I sure don't, but I have discovered that some of them make very nice necklaces!

Convert a brooch into a necklace

This is really simple to accomplish, and doubles the versatility of your jewelry collection! Just thread an empty necklace chain through the pin on your brooch. Tada! Instant pendant!

You'll notice that this purple butterfly is a twin of the green one I sometimes wear in my hair, further proving that there are all sorts of things your can do with brooches other than jab them through your sweater.

Since I was wearing a purple butterfly already, I decided to wear another one, just because I could! This one's a bracelet.

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