Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Tropical Trousers

Though perhaps not the most colorful of my novelty pants (which honor probably goes to one or the other pair of zigzag pants), these new ones with a paisley-and-floral motif might be the most cheery.

I think the design speaks for itself, so I don't have much to say about them except that they only cost me 3.20$ at I'm also wearing with them 2 other new items: a white sleeveless blouse (thrift store for $1.50 after discounts) and green sandals (thrift store, 3$ after discounts).

I was tempted to carry on the tropical theme with my plumeria earrings, but then I realized the pants were a pretty close coordinate for my green and orange necklace. I haven't had much opportunity to wear it since its initial outing two St. Patrick's Days ago, so I decided today was the day to bring it back! That's just as well, because while the plumeria earrings cost a pretty penny, the necklace was under my usual 2-dollar maximum, keeping the whole outfit under 10 dollars!

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