Sunday, December 18, 2016

Z is for Zigzag

Hooray, my 26-day fashion challenge is finally at an end, and I couldn't be more in the mood for a celebration!

I went all out with the most zany pants in my collection, but the word of the day wasn't zany—it was zigzags.

The pants are well-endowed in the zigzag department, but never stop at one item if you can theme your whole outfit!

I found a shirt that matched the colors in the pants (not difficult since every color is in the pants!) and dressed it up to be a better version of itself, using the drawstring from the hood (let's face it; who actually ever used the hood on their hooded sweaters?) to make it into a trendy lace-up V-neck. But in keeping with my theme, instead of using two laces in a crisscross design, I used just one one in a zigzag all the way across the neck.

I couldn't resist putting my hair into a zigzag part, which I last remember seeing around the time I graduated high school—but apparently it's trendy again, just in time to put the finishing touch on my Z-day look!

Speaking of finishing touches, if you look closely, you can see the real icing on the cake: the zigzag shaped earrings that I manufactured just for the occasion!


  1. Great pants! Where did you find them?

    1. This one was a pre-owned item from, but I've seen similar pairs on Amazon and eBay.