Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spend like an Unfashionista

Remember that post when I talked about how much I'd been buying since I started this challenge? I am truly on a spending spree, and today, I'd like to quantify it.

In the photo below, you can see (almost) everything that I purchased from January through early March,  including outerwear and jewelry, but not including undergarments, since I consider those a necessity rather than a fashion item.

Not pictured are a pair of black leg warmers (that cost more than I expected, but once I got to the checkout, it was the point of no return), a trench coat, a pair of winter boots (the second-most expensive item on the list. I paid 27 for them because I'd been wanting fur-lined white boots SO bad ever since I was outbid on a pair on eBay, and they just weren't for sale!), a pair of tan pants, a bracelet, and a pair of green shoes which arrived just after I took the photo, and one other bracelet that I lost as soon as it arrived (It was wrapped in paper, and I have a sneaking suspicion I accidentally recycled it during a cleaning spree. I'm not too upset, because it was my least favorite of the 4 jewelry pieces in that shipment, and it only cost 2 dollars anyway).

Over the three months of Unfashion A Day, the grand total of my fashion spending is 263 dollars. Not too much, considering some people can spend that much on a handful of designer shirts, and I got a whopping 36 items! It averages out to $7.30 an item, and would be even less if it weren't for the shoes, which were consistently (with a few exceptions) 10 dollars and up. One pair (not pictured) cost 40 dollars, but since I paid for half of it with a store credit, it didn't feel like that much.

On the whole, I'm pretty proud of my thrift. I guess that gives me license to buy more stuff!

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