Monday, March 5, 2012

The Unfashionista waxes philosophical:
On endings, personality, and of course, shoes!

Week 9 has come and gone. Originally, I believed that 9 weeks was the length of my student teaching assignment, which means my Unfashion a Day challenge has surpassed its predecessor. But then I checked the Ashland University course catalog and learned that student teaching is actually "a minimum" of 12 weeks. Three to go before I reach that milestone.

I can, still, honestly celebrate another milestone—the wearing of the last of my sweater dresses. Scroll down to see how it looked. From now on, any sweater dress that you see here will be a repeat appearance--unless I yield to temptation and buy another one when I see a good price. There's something nearly irresistible about the opportunity to acquire a whole new outfit for 12 dollars or less.

Which brings me to my second point—on personality and the nature of me. My boyfriend, wise philosopher that he is, says that the best way to learn about what a person values is to give them a lot of money and see how they spend it. As my income has basically doubled in the past few months, I am a living demonstration of this theory. Since I came into money, a week hasn't gone by that I haven't bought some new article of clothing or accessory (last week it was two new tank tops, a sundress, and a pair of white boots!). I'm still buying at the lowest imaginable price points, but I'm buying a lot more.

So according to my boyfriend's system, what I value above all else is fashion. And I told him, I'm not sure I like that about myself. After all, fashion does not contribute much to society. But he assured me that I'm not just a crazy on a spending spree—fashion was always a part of me—that my frequent sewing projects indicate I am less a weapon of massive consumption and more of an artist. Bless his heart! And to my credit, my newfound wealth hasn't gone entirely to fripperies. I have also pledged (and begun) to devote more of my income to charitable giving.

Phew! Now that my conscience is eased, let's get back on the fashion track and talk about shoes!

Since I learned that stiletto heels don't equate to certain death, my shoe options (and my interest in shoes) have expanded. As I mentioned previously, I'm now a member of several sites devoted to shoes. Just Fabulous is one of them (Hey, if you want to join the club, let me know! I think I can get some kind of credit if I refer you!). All the shoes are 40$ each, and every member is automatically charged for a pair every month (unless they take action to "skip" the month). Even though I'm rich now, forty dollars is still more than I want to spend, so I skip every month and wait until they have a great sale, such as the two-for-one sale where I bought these beauties.

I can barely express how good it feels to finally have some color in my shoe collection! I might, in fact, have started down a slippery slope. Now that I have neutral shoes for every purpose, I'll probably want another pair of shoes in every color. Look out, shoe rack, you're gonna need to start working out to handle this load!

The tri-color shoes on the left, I bought specifically because I knew I could wear them with this blue sweater dress. Honestly, I have no idea what else I have that they will ever match (especially that mustard-yellow color), and they'll probably be out of style by next winter, but at least I was able to make one "just fabulous" outfit out of them. As a bonus, they fit perfectly, which is rare for shoes bought online.

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