Friday, March 9, 2012

Unfashion a Day, Week 10


A title would do too much justice to this poorly composed outfit, and I'd rather just forget it. I really wanted to wear that brown pleated skirt, and the only top I could find that I hadn't already worn with it was this pink one. This pink one, is sadly too loose (despite being the only size small in my closet) and it looked like a pajama top I'd forgotten to change out of when getting dressed for the day. I'll do better next time.


I did do better, and I wasn't even expecting to! This is pretty much a repeat of the outfit I wore on Christmas day, and I had no idea it was this cute! The little tie that came with the gold sweater adds such a nice touch to what was otherwise a choice brought about by lack of any other choices. The length of the pants necessitated the wearing of my new low-heeled black loafers, and that in turn necessitated an attempt at stretching them out. I've never worn shoes that narrow before! They were so tight my toes kept getting tingly! I'll let you know how the stretching process went once I get up the courage to wear them again.

Princess in black

If you recall the last time I wore this green and black dress, I messed it up by pairing it with combat boots. Today, I did it the right way, with the tried and true knee socks and Mary Janes. I even curled my hair for an extra-sweet appearance.

Some kind of retro

I've always maintained that belts don't look very good on me, but after acquiring two sweater dresses that came with huge wide belts attached, wearing them, and not dying of shame, I've been force to reconsider this stance. So Thursday, when I was contemplating my waning wardrobe in preparation for the next day, it suddenly occurred to me that I might be able to breathe new life into some of my excessively baggy blouses by wearing them with a belt. I swear this look was trendy in some decade past (80's or early 90's) although I can't find any photographic evidence, and I've seen similar looks in today's fashion. So I wore a floral blouse (actually the least baggy of three that I was considering, which somewhat diminished the purpose and effect), a light green tank top under it, and black yoga pants, and wrapped it all up with a chunky elasticized belt. Later on, I rolled up the sleeves, which I think improved the look.

This is (in my opinion) the most daring look I've tried to pull off yet. I managed to get all the way to work and even keep the belt on for a whole hour, then it started to feel like it was crushing my ribs (which were sore from an overenthusiastic workout the day before), so I took it off and wore the blouse and tank top late 90's style.

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