Friday, March 16, 2012

Unfashion a Day, Week 11

Pink shoes on deck!

Since I spent all winter wearing boring shoes, my goal is to work the new colorful ones into as many outfits as I can before I put away my winter wardrobe. The pink ones made their debut on Monday, paired with the skirt I wore on the first day of work, and a fuchsia tank top I bought special for the occasion. Since the weather and the workplace don't really warrant strappy tank tops, I covered up with a black blouse that didn't go with anything. (But black goes with everything, right?

Blue shoes encore!

The tri-color shoes that I broke out last week are back! This time I'm taking advantage of their red portion - the platform - and wearing them with the shirt dress I wore in week 4. I decided the dress looked much better tied at the waist, so that's how I wore it. It doesn't hurt that loose clothing cinched at the waist is in right now (even though it's not my personal favorite look).

I also wore this huge cuff bracelet that came in an eBay mixed lot. I never would have bought it for myself, but it did serve to add interest to my monochromatic upper half, so I guess I'm glad I have it now.

Think spring!

I think there's something on my leg, explaining my silly pose. But it's still less silly than the expression on my face in the other shots I took, so it stands. The weather has turned unseasonably warm, and I've had to scrounge around for summery clothes that aren't buried in a tub at the back of my closet. The skirt is one of my most recent acquisitions, which is why it was easily accessible. It is dangerously short. I had to wear it with shorts underneath, which caused it to keep bunching up because of the friction. In spite of all these problems, I still love it! It's so bright green and springy, and the flowers at the bottom match perfectly with my tan blouse (See a better picture of it on Friday of Week 8). Plain brown shoes completed the look.

How to wear a cute short sleeved blouse-like jacket-like thing

The moment has finally arrived when I can wear the indescribable frock (for some reason that's the word that keeps coming to mind) that I altered way back in January. Despite all my tinkering, the fit was still a little frumpy, so I had to wear it mostly unbuttoned, but with that done, I think it looked great! Since the only color in the blouse (another decent word for it) was blue, I wore it with blue jeans and an ultramarine pendant. The shoes are brown backless clogs.

Pink shoes on again!

The forecast for today said 80 degrees, and the only thing I had left suitable for that kind of weather was this pink short-sleeved sweater dress I wore on Valentine's Day. Having learned my lesson about short sweater dresses, I knew I had to wear something underneath it—tights or leggings were my only options. I was kind of bummed that I'd have to wear those wintry kind of clothes in that summery kind of heat, so I compromised, bunching up my regular black leggings to a capri length. They probably would have looked better at Bermuda length, but I can only do so much. I would ordinarily not wear the same pair of ostentatious shoes in one week, but seeing as the pink ones I'd worn Monday were the only shoes that would help balance out the vibrant color of the dress, I wore them anyway! I love the bold colors, but the dress definitely does not flatter my shoulders, and I'll probably sell it in the fall.
...Oh, and just so you know, the weather never got above 61 degrees today.

A heads-up from the Unfashionista

Next week, which would be Week 12—the defining week in which I continue to avoid duplicate outfits longer than I ever have before—but I am going to be out of town all week at a conference. I won't be lugging my giant camera with me, and I fully intend to dress for comfort rather than style, so we'll just bump Week 12 to the following week. Like March 19-23rd never happened!

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