Friday, March 30, 2012

Unfashion A Day, Week 12

I have a scientific method for determining when to activate seasonal wardrobes. Once the daily highs have been above 60 for a whole week running, I'll get out my summer clothes and put my sweaters, flannels, and boots into storage. I estimate that I have two weeks left (including this one) before this happens, so suddenly it has become rather urgent that I sport certain less-worn articles of clothing, since now might be my last chance!

You Can't Wear Brown With Black!

That's what my boyfriend says, and this outfit was an effort to prove him wrong. It was also an effort to wear this brown(ish) sweater dress that I've only worn once since the start of Unfashion a Day. It has brown and black flecks, so I figured it would be the perfect way to tie them both into one outfit. I wore brown leggings and black shoes with brown heels (see, of course they go together, or a shoe designer never would have paired them!). I added on black leg warmers, although I think the outfit might have been better without them.

My Rock Moves

My Rock Star Boots have not gotten nearly enough play this winter, so I decided to rock them on Monday with whatever else I could find that would match. That ended up being my homemade skirt and a black blouse. As you can see, even my bangs tried to get in on the act, taking over my head in a laughable failure at "big hair." Last hair cut, too much of my hair was incorporated into my bangs, and I'm still trying to grow them back out, in the meantime facing embarrassing situations like this on an all-too-frequent basis.

Green Office

Originally, this outfit was intended to give my grey boots another chance at the spotlight, but it evolved. Once I had picked out the grey pants because they're about the only thing I can wear with the grey boots, I sort of impulsively chose my green cropped sweater to wear on top. I wore a bright blue tank top underneath for fun with color. But once I'd picked out all that, I couldn't resist adding my new green shoes to the mix. After all, how often do you really get the opportunity to wear lime green shoes and have them actually match your outfit? And besides, the temperature was forecast to be in the low seventies, and it sounded like perfect weather to bring out the peep toe shoes! Wednesday was the day we had our "green office audit," and my coworker who had coordinated it said she was glad I wore green.

Blue Shoes Enough

One more reason I'm glad I didn't get rid of my rainbow skirt--it goes magnificently with my tri-color shoes! This is indubitably my favorite outfit of the week, and it's much more color-balanced than the last time I wore this skirt. Also note that I wore "body glimmers" ivory pantyhose—which developed a run as soon as I put them on. I seriously think I'm done with pantyhose. Even if I  have to freeze my legs in winter, it's better than wasting my money on an article of clothing that you can't even wear once before it's ruined!

There, I Wore It

This brown sweater has been sitting lonely in my closet all winter, and I've just never found a reason - or the desire - to wear it. But since it's the second-to-last week for winter clothes, I figured I had to at least give it a shot. I wore it with this beige skirt, which I've also only worn once this year. The skirt is printed with grey seagulls, and I always think that gives me leave to wear grey with the skirt--even though grey and brown are an icky combination. All in all, I think my outfit was dull, mismatched, and a terrible way to end the week!

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