Friday, May 4, 2012

Unfashion a Day, Week 17

Electric Blue Galoo

You can barely see 'em in the photo, but the inspiration for this entire outfit was the shoes on my feet. An ornately stripey mix of blues and browns, with a healthy helping of glitter just for kicks, these kicks are definitely lots of fun. They bear the honorable distinction of being the first pair of flats I've owned that I've ever felt I could call "fabulous." The blue in them is so vibrant, I had trouble matching them to anything, but fortunately they are a dead-ringer for this blue tank top. Brown was the only logical choice for my skirt, and it just so happened, with its flutters and frills, to be the perfect counterpoint to my snug-fitting tank. The brown bolero I picked up in Denver kept my arms covered, and I topped it all off with some turquoise dangly earrings.

Poison Ivy

Warm weather has at last hit us, inspiring me to wear short sleeves ... without a jacket! Tuesday's selection was almost an arbitrary choice; however, I must say I'm still a fan of pairing this green skirt with black because of the slightly evil vibe it projects. Or maybe that's just me. Since the last time I wore this color combination, I wore my Interview Shoes, I decided to step down into flats for this attempt.

Miss Business

Abandoning my love for color in favor of making a smashing impression at a seminar, I donned my black sheath dress and Interview Shoes. I've worn this dress only once before—on a sweltering summer day—and thence I learned that even though this dress is sleeveless, it is much too thick to wear in hot weather. So why I chose to wear it on a day when the highs were predicted near 90, I have no idea. Fortunately for me, the location of the seminar was air conditioned to polar temperatures, and it never even got hot outside! I was grateful I had thought to bring a white shrug with me. To break up the black monotony, I wore an ostentatious pair of turquoise earrings.

Miss Ready for Anything

Thursday was a special challenge, as it was the Spring Convocation and Awards Ceremony where I work. I was not receiving an award; however, I was expected to be present for the entire event. In addition, I was expected to help set up and take down! What to wear when you must look formal enough to be respectful, but casual enough to be able to handle any number of manual tasks? I decided on pants rather than a skirt, a collared knit top rather than a blouse or casual top, and low-heeled shoes. Ironically, since I stretched these shoes because they were too tight, they are now too long, and they were falling off everywhere I walked the entire day! However, I think I made a good choice with the rest of the outfit. The red top was even one of the University's colors!

Little Miss

As I'd been sporting sober outfits and long skirts all week, I wanted to wear something fun on Friday! I chose my orange and blue skirt (which is so fun, I think I'm going to run out of ways to wear it very soon). This white top is new to me, and I'm really liking the bow at the neckline, which makes it cute and girly, just like the skirt! I wore  my white-going-on-yellow deck shoes again, cause they're the only ones that could have matched, and vowed that I will acquire some new white shoes or sandals before the summer is out.

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