Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday's Unfashion:
The End and the Beginning

Yesterday was the last day of final exams at the university, which means the semester is over and so is Unfashion A Day. I thought it fitting to end the series in this red dress, because it was almost the dress that started this blog.

About two years ago, I saw this dress on the rack at Target, and became infatuated with it. This marked a fashion turning point for me—always before, I'd been content to buy whatever clothes I could find that were cheap and not ugly—this was the first time I'd actually coveted a piece of fashion. But still, I bided my time, waiting until I found it on the sale rack at the end of the season.

The boots, I found on Labor Day at a thrift store. They must have been in vogue a few years before, because now this style is clogging up the thrift store shelves as everyone purges their wardrobe of them. But at the time I bought them, they were still a rarity, and since I happened to get them for 5 dollars, they rapidly became my most prized possession.

Later in September, when the idea of a fashion blog was just a gleam in my eye, I wore the dress and boots to a wedding. I clipped up my hair with yellow roses and forgot to wear a matching pin on the dress. The skirt was shorter than I'd ever worn before, and red?! Red? Are you even allowed to wear red at a wedding? I felt so daring, even dangerous, that I thought my outfit would be the perfect one to start out my blog. Well, my mom took pictures (she didn't seem to have any issues with me wearing a red dress to a wedding) but never sent them to me, and I didn't want to ask, since I didn't want to make a big deal over a blog that might never succeed, so I started my blog without the red dress.

Now, ages and ages later, when outfits like that one are a daily affair, and the blog has succeeded (if only with a tiny audience) I bring the red dress back into the spotlight. This time (following my style tip of always accessorizing a solid-color dress), I jazzed it up with a beaded rope belt. The end.

Wait, is that it? you say. Well, yes. I even forgot to wear earrings. Unfashion a Day is over, and I'm going to take a nice long break!

Or so I say. I have been taking a photo of myself every workday since I started my job. By now, 5 and a half months later, it's such a habit that I don't know what I will do with myself in the mornings! I'm sure there will be some new Unfashion in your life very soon.

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