Friday, May 11, 2012

Unfashion a Day, Week 18

Looking Springy

The weather continues to throw me challenges, as I try to decide what's the best outfit for temperatures in the high 60's and low 70's. Long sleeves are too much, short sleeves are not enough. I've been making ample use of my 3/4 sleeve shirts, such as this beige one which I've only worn once since starting this project. I've had this floral skirt for almost 7 years, making it one of the longest-lived articles in my clothing collection, but it still serves me well. Upon seeing it, one of my coworkers commented, "You look very springy today," which I will take as a compliment. Note, however, that she did not say, "You look very stylish," only increasing my suspicion that this skirt is beginning to look a bit dated. I bought these shoes for just 5 dollars, even though I thought they were a little ugly, because I needed a pair of brown flats. But because they are a more beigey brown, I've had trouble matching them to anything. They did, however, go exceedingly well with Monday's outfit.
Summer Sweater

I can't resist a bargain, even when it's on something that's going to be difficult to wear. Such is the case with this long striped sweater, which was marked down to 6 dollars. Too short to wear as a dress, but too long to wear with a skirt, this sweater limits itself solely to long pants—and preferably tight long pants at that. The colors - tan and dark olive green - are incredibly difficult to match, as they can't be worn with any bright colors or even "pure" neutrals such as black or white. I thought I was going to be stuck wearing this with jeans only, but then I remembered this pair of muted brown pants. I had been planning to get rid of these pants, since they are a little too big, but now that they are the only thing I can wear with this top, I just might have to keep them. Curses! My second dilemma occured because the top is a heavy knit with short sleeves. Again, too warm for hot weather, too skimpy for cold weather. It happens to be a decent choice for these late days of spring, but I can't see myself ever getting much use out of it after that.
Tennis Club Meets Yacht Club

Wednesday's outfit was another challenge. I wanted to wear this polo top, simply because I haven't yet, and a skirt simply because I wore pants the day before. The top went swimmingly with my khaki skirt, but when it came to footwear, I was stumped. I didn't want to go too dressy, since the top was so casual, but the earth tones of the clothes necessitated similar shades for the shoes, and all my casual shoes were the wrong colors, and I'm still not sure if I can get away with wearing flip-flops at work. After much deliberation, I finally settled on my zigzag striped heels, which were the perfect colors (they even have a maroon stripe that almost exactly matches the shirt), but definitely too fancy.
Ice Princess

I started this outfit with a pair of blue/teal knee socks, which I've only worn once this year and wanted to wear more. To go with them, I picked the blue bolero that I got in Denver. Sadly, when I tried them together, I realized the shades of blue clashed, and I couldn't pull it off. Fortunately, I have the fabulous blue shoes I gushed about so much last week, which matched perfectly. Since there was so much blue on top and on bottom, I went all white for the rest of the outfit, choosing a white skirt and white tank top. That was almost white overkill, but since I balanced it out with all the blues, it worked pretty well. I also have an abundance of blue/teal jewelry that I got in an eBay lot. This time, I wore a cheap teal necklace with matching earrings. The mix of blue and white reminds me a bit of winter, but it's such a fun combination that it reminds me of spring!
Operation: Code Pink

In this, the second-to-last week of Unfashion A Day, I guess I am beginning to take requests for my outfits. Faithful reader Geoff wanted a predominant color of "dark pink." I hope by "dark pink," he meant "brilliant magenta," since that's the only shade of pink I have in my collection other than "pastel." And since my pink dress is out for the count, I was basically left with two choices: a pink tank top or this pink tee. Since I wore a tank and bolero the day before, the Tees had it. The first and most recent time I wore this top, I sported black pants, so I decided to steer clear of black. I chose grey pants, mainly because they gave me a good excuse to wear my recently neglected grey ankle boots. To keep the pink predominant, I also chose my most blaringly pink rose earrings.

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  1. LOL, yes brilliant magenta was exactly what I had in mind!

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