Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Last Hurrah

If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times—all my clothes are too big. It's not because I've recently lost weight (I should be so lucky!) but because I spent a large portion of my adult life believing that if clothes were tight in any spot, it was because they were too small for me. It's only recently I've come to terms with the truth:

For all of us who value our modesty:

Some styles are just designed to fit tight, and you should either accept that and wear them anyway, or don't wear them at all. What you should not do is buy the style in a too-big size. Why not? Because then you'll end up with other problems of fit, such as my favorite—gaping armholes.

You can see the problem in action in my last post, wherein my salmon bra peeks out through the armpit of my lovely fairy dress (and that's after an attempt at sewing the gap closed—curses!). I have another dress (coincidentally, also green) with the same problem and, though I love it dearly for its unflinchingly saturated color, I must let it go, so I can get through my day without adjusting my bra every ten minutes.

This is the last time I will wear this green dress, and thus, I wanted to give it its moment in the spotlight before it goes on to some more deserving owner.

I'm aware of the irony in wearing a dress this short in the same post
as a style tip about "modesty." I'm doing it anyway.
 Not sure if the combination of suede belt and seashell necklace really work together, but this was the last time I could wear either with this dress, so I had to take the chance!

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  1. Do NOT get rid of this dress!

    Sell it to me if you sell it!