Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wood Nymph

Here's an outfit straight out of the craziness my own head.

The bottom layer is a plain old green dress that I've worn so many times it's not even worth mentioning in a blog. But the top layer—oh, the top layer! That is what turns this frock from simple to spectacular!

I acquired the top layer at the thrift store in a sweep through the sleeveless tops, at the same time that I bought my black vest. Looking for shirts that I could wear to the office, I somehow overeagerly concluded that a strapless corset top was totally work-appropriate! I don't know what kind of delusions I was suffering, except that I might have been a little giddy with the price (2$ after half-off discount) and enamored with the style (it has the beaded, floral-embroidered look that was pretty big when I first started buying my own clothes, and no one ever completely gets over their first fashion love—and it is that wonderful combination of green and purple!), plus, I was feeling daring (I mean, a strapless top? That probably originally belonged in a two-piece formal dress? Who wears that as their everyday look?).

So the next few days after that shopping trip, I was busy concocting ways to pull off this clothing challenge.

This is my first attempt. The top is a perfect color match for my old green dress, and with the latter's gathered neckline, the total effect is slightly reminiscent of Medieval Bar Wench. Until you get to the skirt, which, being somewhat short, is far more Medieval Fairy.

The dress has always been slightly too big, but forced into shape by an unforgiving corset, it becomes quite sleek! And poofs out where released in gathers which, while I normally don't like, seem quite appropriate to a fairy-like look.

When I wear outfits like this, I really wish I had more jewelry (specifically, any jewelry that would go with them!) but I was able to find the green butterfly pin and wear it on my headband. I also wished I'd had some dainty slippers to finish off the look, but I settled for neutral sandals.

These minor disappointments aside, I'm really happy with how the look turned out. Some days, I get to work and later see myself in the bathroom mirror, and I'm like, "What were you thinking!?" but today, every look in the mirror made me smile! I think it has to be one of my best creations yet!

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