Thursday, August 23, 2012

One Skirt, 3 Ways

After spending half the summer without touching this green skirt, I was thinking of retiring it for good, or at least putting it away until winter, when a flurry of ideas hit me. Suddenly my neglected skirt was my favorite thing in my closet! I had so many ways to wear it, I knew I was going to have to restrain myself from trying them all at once.

I distributed my wears over a period of weeks, which I hoped would keep the watchful eyes of my coworkers from noticing I was overdoing the skirt.

Wednesday, July 18

Shades of sea-green and a vaguely Greek drape to the top bring to mind a voyage to Atlantis. Or possibly just an algae bloom. I would have preferred to sport a more aquatic color on the footwear as well, but green shoes were the best match available. I was planning to wear this with my mermaid pendant, but I forgot, and that's just as well, because a little subtlety never hurt anyone. The sequins on the straps were plenty unsubtle as it was. It was probably overkill for the office, but I never go clubbing, so where else am I going to wear this top!?

Monday, July 23

Brown and green is another one of my favorite color combinations, which I brought out in grand style for my second outfit with the green skirt.

The tank top is almost too casual for work, but all the fancy embroidery and sequins give it a little legitimacy. And it's also almost too revealing, but I wore it with the brown bolero most of the day to keep it proper.

My favorite thing about this outfit is the shoes, which incorporate both brown and green for a lovely color parallelism! I was a bit sad that I didn't have any dramatic jewelry that really looks good with these colors, but I think these peridot earrings, (which my mom gave me several years ago and which I still love) were a pretty good finisher.

Tuesday, August 14

Mixing things up a bit, my next effort was to wear the skirt not as a skirt, but as a strapless dress. Ignoring, for a moment, the fact that strapless dresses don't become me, I was pleased to see that it looked remarkably natural, considering it was actually a skirt! I covered up my protruding shoulders with a blue bolero that just happened to match my new pair of blue sandals charmingly (not exactly the same shade, but close enough to pass inspection). I wore a green necklace and earring set, one of many that I acquired very cheaply on eBay after my jewelry-lacking lament from the last outfit.

I had one more glorious plan for this skirt, but alas, it was a little too dressy looking, and I was plum out of formal occasions at which to wear it, so it will just have to wait until...ah, probably next summer! But I'll bring the skirt along on my vacation to San Francisco, just in case!

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