Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Valerie You're a Star

So, it turns out, that black vest I was so excited about is a little bit difficult to wear. Since it's black and white, it seems I can only pair it with black or white. Interestingly, my black skirt with white stars has the same problem, and so I got to thinking.... I was originally concerned that the vest wouldn't work with anything but pants, but I tried it with the skirt and it was like a match made in heaven! And it just happened to go great with the star shoes of yesterday's post!

I ended up going all out with this getup, curling my hair and wearing these ostentatious feather earrings that I've been holding in reserve all summer.

The curling of my hair was interesting. I used a new method this time, and it worked better than anything else I've tried—scrunching, rollers, rag curls, and curling iron. The best thing about it was it actually looked cute even while it was setting, so I didn't have to be embarrassed walking around the house waiting for my curls to dry! It is my new favorite way to curl my hair.  Style Tip For light and lovely waves in your hair, I recommend the headband method!

I also recommend (if you are not blessed with natural ringlets) not wearing your hair curled on a humid day, as it will go totally flat by 9:30 AM. Blast! Or maybe you just need to find a better curling product.

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