Friday, August 31, 2012

Would you wear the peplum trend?

Earlier this year, I noticed a little survey on an online shopping site: "Would you wear the peplum trend?"

"Peplum? What's that?" I wondered.

By searching for the common features among items with "peplum" in the name. I soon figured out that a peplum is "a short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress." Or I could have just looked it up.

Would I wear it? Heck yes! It is the funnest look I've seen since the prairie skirt went out of style! It almost makes the current trend of pencil skirts palatable. Almost.

Well, I got my first peplum on Wednesday at Burlington Coat Factory, for $2.98 plus a 20% off coupon, and my cashier thought it was such a great deal, she wanted to buy one for herself!

My camera thought it
would be funny and
shoot everything out
of focus when I was
already in a hurry.

As you can see, my peplum is attached to the bottom of a sheer lace electric blue blouse (Oh, I so love this color! It is definitely the color of Summer 2012, and I will be so sad when it goes by the wayside).

Of course, I did not wear it with a pencil skirt, as I don't own one and hope to never have to, but instead my old reliable black pants and a black tank top that was really too long, but matched the color of the pants well enough that I hoped no one would notice.

The blouse came with belt loops, but no belt (what do you expect from a shirt that's marked down to 3 dollars? It also had a huge gap in the seams that I didn't notice until I took it home), but I thought a belt sounded like a great idea. I tried my skinny black belt (as seen previously here) but it kept snagging on the fragile lace, so I decided not to use it. Instead, I resorted to a sheer black scarf that I'd picked up at a post-garage sale free-for-all, which I tied in the back. Between the peplum and the scarf ends, I was trailing fabric like some bride on a budget!

On my feet, I wore blue and brown slippers and prayed that no one would notice the brown was out of place. Lastly, I put on a blue headband, which would have looked slightly better if I'd styled my hair, but I chose to get to work on time instead.

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