Friday, September 28, 2012

Electric Blue, Number 2

I've created outfits with a blue and white theme before, but never have I had such awe-inspiring shoes to work with.

Check those babies out! They are the sole reason (get it? It's a double meaning!) I participated in that 3-for-50 sale—and believe you me, I had to scrounge for 2 other items I wanted as much as these shoes. The last item ended up being a pair of "tan" pumps that arrived looking suspiciously "peachy." I have no idea what I'm ever going to be able to wear them with—but these sandals alone are worth every one of the fifty dollars!

They are that gorgeous blue color I've been going crazy over all summer. They are elegant, graceful and tall on their spindly heels (now, "graceful" may not equally apply to the wearer, who expected to break an ankle all day thanks to their lack of surface area and slippery sole). The toe covering, not too big, not too small, and endowed with a lovely butterfly shape, just screams "ladylike" (except ladies never scream). Even the studs (that nasty spiky trend I've been avoiding all year) are low and non-threatening, with their blue color making them look almost like drops of water.

I was desperate for an opportunity to wear them, but short on coordinating clothes, and since they arrived at summer's end, I thought I might just have to wait until next spring. And then I got the blue lace blouse.

I'm definitely glad I didn't pay full-price for this schmatte, because already after two wears, the elastic fibers are poking out of the material like long hairs, in (where else?) the armpit area. Had I noticed this before I left for work, I would have given it the once-over with my electric clippers, but since I didn't, I was forced to spend the entire day with my arms at my sides. I think this is one of those wear-it-while-it's-hot-and-ditch-it-when-it's-not kind of things, and I guess that's fine, because I don't think electric blue lace peplum tops are going to be socially acceptable for more than a few seasons.

Oh, goody! An opportunity to wear the world's coolest shoes!
From the pictures, you can figure out I wore these articles with white pants, a white tank top, silver-white earrings, a white necklace, and a matching blue headband. So, enough said.

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