Monday, October 1, 2012

Those Who Wait

Ever since I mentioned that it would be cool to wear my brown housecoat over a blue sheath dress, well, I knew I needed a blue sheath dress. I finally found one on eBay for $5.27 (including shipping)! It was a size too large, but at that price and in the perfect shade of robin's egg blue, who's gonna be picky?

There are few things I like about the coming of winter, but knee-high boots are definitely one, and I figured this dress would look smashing with my knee-high brown boots. I've been planning this outfit for weeks (first I had to wash the smoke smell out of the dress - yuck! - and then I had to take in the sides, and then I had to wait for the weather to be just right) and, when it was finally time, I was really excited to wear the boots for the first time this fall.

Unfortunately, when I tried them on with the dress, the effect wasn't quite as awesome as I'd envisioned. The boots were a shade too dark to really complement the brown on the dress, but I'll deal with it.

I wore dangly star earrings in shades of teal, not because they matched the floral pattern of the housecoat in any way, but just because I felt like it. You can do that kind of thing when you're an Unfashionista.

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