Friday, October 19, 2012

Is this an office or a runway?

Remember when I observed that my coworkers don't seem to notice anything about what I wear except the height of my shoes? Well, today I'm also giving them credit for noticing their color and abundance. One coworker the other day commented favorably on my astounding variety of footwear (I told him not to encourage me; I now estimate my shoe collection at around 50 pairs).

Yes, I pose on chairs at work all the time...It happens
when you work in such a fashion-conscious place.
And Wednesday my cute little outfit with the conservative cardigan caused quite a stir (among two coworkers at the same time!) because it included white shoes after Labor Day! Not that an Unfashionista would ever concern herself with petty little folkways about color, but I will have you know that Emily Post, manners maven (or, more precisely, her Institute) declares white shoes acceptable any time of year.

However, Wednesday also reminded me that my coworkers don't only notice my shoes; they also notice my team colors.

This orange and aqua skirt, the bane of my existence because it doesn't quite match with anything in my wardrobe, always receives a vote of approval from my one colleague who is a Miami Dolphins fan. When I told him I probably wasn't going to wear it any more because it's so hard to coordinate, he just about died. OK, fine. I'll wear it again. Maybe with one of the many Dolphins T-shirts he's trying to hard to get me to buy!

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