Friday, October 5, 2012

Unfashionista L'Orange

My coworkers rarely comment on my style and style experiments, but they do occasionally have something to say about my shoes—mainly something about how high they are. Yes, I have a penchant for tall footwear, and this pair of canvas espadrilles is my tallest yet!

I found them on eBay for a little under 20 dollars. I had ordered a similar pair in pink from a shoe site earlier in the year, but it had been too small, and by the time I sent it back, the larger size was out of stock. Ever since then, I've keenly felt the loss of what almost was, and thus when I saw them again on eBay, I was compelled to buy, even though I recently vowed to stop getting peep-toe shoes (really, what's attractive about twisted digits poking out the end of your shoe, huh?). These came in several colors, but I chose beige because I thought it might be nice to have another pair of summer shoes in a neutral color. The photo on eBay made the shoes appear to be a light eggshell, and the colors on the platform a rainbow of pastels.

Unfortunately, when they arrived, they were darker than pictured, and the platform coloration very heavy on the orange.

Around the same time, another eBay purchase arrived at my door: a dress I'd bought from a Chinese seller. This, too, had come in a variety of colors, and this, too, I had selected in "beiges" because from the picture, it looked like it had a nice mix of colors including some pretty shades of purple and green. Unfortunately, when it arrived, I learned that the purple and green had been an optical illusion, and the actual color of the dress was very heavy on the orange.

Orange is not my favorite color. In fact, I can say with reasonable confidence that orange is my least favorite color. But I guess every Unfashionista must learn to diversify sometime, and I daresay the arrival of two overly orange articles of clothing in one week is a fairly good sign that that time is now.

I wore them together with simple navy earrings and a pair of ankle bracelets.

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