Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spring into fall

This skirt that I bought in the spring remains one of my favorite articles of clothing because it's so fun and flouncy! The only problem is I've only been able to find one shirt that looks good with it.

Then last week, while trying to come up with the perfect bottom to wear with the crazy multicolored top you see, I noticed that my unmatchable skirt was actually a pretty good match!

Though I would describe the top as predominantly brown, it has a lot of green in it, and so does the skirt! The neutral beige flowers on the skirt complement the brown in the top. The relative lengths of the pieces make for a well balanced ensemble.

One weird thing about this shirt is it comes with a built-in necklace. So if you don't want to wear blue jewelry, well, too bad! I wore blue jewelry.

As a side note, I might mention that the weather has been kind to me this year. It's already October, and my summer wardrobe is still running the show—and running into some minor hiccups. Like today, when the forecast said it would be 76 degrees, then it barely got above 66. My poor underdressed tootsies! I had to take off my shoes and sit on my feet most of the day to keep them warm.

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