Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blue Velvet

I wore this dress on New Year's Eve 2011, making me the most conservatively dressed girl at the party. I wore it a second time on New Year's Eve 2012, which would have made me the most overdressed person at the office...except that no one else came in to the office. So I went home, changed into the outfit you saw in my last post, and saved the dress for another day. Today.

It's a simple outfit, and while there are many things I can do to accessorize a plain dress like this, I really only wore it because I wanted to wear my new winter-white boots.

These boots so wonderful! They fit like a charm, they look great on me (if I do say so myself) and I got them brand new for only 13 dollars (Thanks, Rugged Wearhouse)! I can't wait to find other outfits to wear them with.

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