Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It is January, and I wore a sweater coat.

That's right. As my only coat. A delicate pointelle sweater.

Which I then proceeded to trail in the mud as I crouched at the air pump at the gas station. After I realized I was doing that, I switched to kneeling, thus introducing the mud to the top of my boots instead.

For all that terrible mistreatment, I still think this is a pretty nice outfit. And a wonderful way to make me feel good on an already wonderfully warm day.

The sweater, by the way, I purchased on eBay as part of a 2-piece set for $11.02, and the necklace was bought at Icing on sale. The boots are new, too, purchased for 25$ from a Chinese eBay seller. They are awesome. Remind me sometime to rhapsodize about these boots.

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