Friday, January 25, 2013

Shoes and a Sweater or Rabbits in Disguise?

I had a dream last night that I had a bunch of small animals in cages, and they kept reproducing and getting too big and too numerous for their cages. I think that was a rather zoological interpretation of the circumstances leading up to today's outfit.

See, last week I bought these shoes. I actually bought three pairs of shoes for a total of 16 dollars (another win at Rugged Wearhouse!) but these were the cheapest at only 4 dollars. Yes, they were black, and yes, I already have 4 pairs of black shoes, but these ones had a snazzy maroon stripe flowing down the side! Yes, that color combination was certain to severely limit what I could wear them with, but yes! They were only 4 dollars!

A few days later, I took a totally unnecessary side trip into Rainbow and found this sweater on the 5$ rack. I probably wouldn't have bought it except that the maroon stripes made it the perfect sweater to wear with my new 4$ shoes. Plus, I need some warmer colors in my wardrobe.

So that got me thinking about how one unnecessary purchase led to another, and how my clothes are begetting more clothes. Hence the dream about rapidly multiplying rodents.

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