Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Summer in January

It's the dreariest time of year, when even an Unfashionista has trouble finding clothes to cheer her up. Since my wardrobe the past couple of weeks has mostly consisted of pants and sweaters in the most uninspiring of combinations, I think it's high time to roll out a blast from the past.

This is an outfit that I put together in August, in anticipation of the release of my new website, which was to have a bright green and pink theme with stars. I had my boyfriend (to whom I owe a great deal of thanks) take me out to the Jefferson Memorial and shoot an infinitude of pictures of me with and without my green and pink electronic devices. Then I waited. For months, during which I did everything but work on the site. Finally, in late December, I got the motivation to finish the website and publish it...so now that it's no longer a secret, I can finally share the outfit that is indubitably the coolest feature of the whole site.

It's a summery explosion of brilliant colors, outré accessories, and of course, stars. Lots of stars.

The shoes are the very same ones which I found guilty of slicing up my ankles (this photo shoot was the first time I wore them, and by the end of an hour, I could barely limp back to the car), but I forgive them because they are just that awesome. How many shoes do you know that are covered with stars?

The skirt is equally starry, and I owe many thanks to my boyfriend for this as well, because he is the one who paid more than I would ever pay for a skirt to purchase it for me (30 dollars, marked down from a hundred or so).

The green tank top is unremarkable, except to some readers who will remain nameless who seem to have an obsession with it.

The hat is one of my favorite accessories, being a ridiculously notice-me shade of pink. I have to wear it as much as I can now, because soon it will be much too passé to take out in public. This one was a gift from my boyfriend as well (I may as well call this post "Thank You Rico")—a not very apropos souvenir of our trip to the National Aquarium.

As a coup-de-grace, I also wore a pair of dangle earrings in the shape of – what else? – Stars!

Reading back over what I've written, I am rethinking my decision to title this post in gratitude to my boyfriend, and instead to call it something like "Outlandish outfits make me speak French", since I can't believe the number of French words I have appropriated in this one post!

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