Saturday, May 10, 2014

A novel use for a scarf

Scarves. They're so lovely. Long, flowing shapes, colorful designs, silky luxurious fabrics... I love everything about scarves—except wearing them.

Every time I try to wrap one of my gorgeous fashion scarves (I have 4) around my neck, I immediately cringe and take it off again. Far from achieving the glamorous, flowing-in-the wind appearance I imagine, the scarf usually makes me look dowdy.

Here are some ways you are supposed to wear a scarf, which I borrowed from another blog.

None of these look good on me. Actually, to be objective, I don't think they look particularly good on anyone. Scarves bunched up around one's neck just add a lot of volume, resulting in a top-heavy, graceless appearance. Scarves draped down one's front seem somewhat sloppy. And my scarves, at least, always seem to expand to their full width once thus draped, evoking images of a toddler in a bib.

So the most common function of my scarves is usually to sit in a corner of my room and be the object of my wistful gazing.

I gave my butterfly scarf another go recently, but this time, rather than wearing it up top, which always seems to result in resounding failure, I wrapped it around my hips like an especially wide belt. I'm always in favor of adding more volume to my bottom half, and I like the way the tails of the scarf dangle down in a skirt-like way.

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