Saturday, May 24, 2014

After all that...a little black dress

Getting dressed can be a challenge. Last night, I went out to Town, DC's largest gay dance club, and I shamefully admit that I spent the past 3 days agonizing over what to wear.

Typically, for a club, I'd wear a somewhat shiny or lacy dress and be good to go, but I like to be sure, so I checked out their website. The photos show mostly a bunch of guys in disheveled polo shirts (hardly dressy), interspersed with drag queens and guys in no shirts at all. This was hardly helpful for a woman who would not show up anywhere in a polo shirt or shirtless.

Party Earth, my go-to guide for dress codes and insider info, revealed that, despite what the pictures indicate, people who go to Town are generally well dressed, and that girls wear "short dresses."

Well, all right, I guessed that settled it. I decided to indeed go with my clubbing clothes, but frankly, I am tired of my short dresses. I've worn them all before, and I had a couple new dresses in longer lengths that I really wanted to try.

By the morning of, I was all set to wear the purple one with the high-low hem when I remembered that purple is a color of significance to the gay pride movement, and I did happen to be going to a gay club. I didn't want my dress to be misconstrued as a political statement, and besides, I think my purple hair is making all the statement I need.

I have a simple black dress that was less likely to call attention, but with a deviously fringed bottom edge. The only catch was, I was afraid that if I danced in it, I would tangle the (very long) fringe. Not to mention the difficulties it would pose while getting there on Metro and my bike.

All the mental wrestling came to a complete anticlimax when I finally decided to wear a little black dress—the signature look of the indecisive and the uncertain. However, I was still excited to wear it, because the simple backdrop made my hair stand out, and I got to wear a new pair of gold earrings that I really dig.

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