Monday, May 5, 2014

24 (Give or take)

I hate winter for many reasons, but one of the biggest ones is the clothes. With the exception of boots, winter clothes just don't make me happy. They come in duller colors and bulky, unflattering shapes—and it doesn't help that fewer winter clothes take up a lot more space. I have to make a conscious effort, full of struggle and strife, to find enough new winter clothes every year to satisfy my need for variety. Summer clothes, on the other hand, seem to just magically appear in my closet. At the end of winter, I always seem to have a significant collection of never-worn clothing, just waiting in the wings for the weather to warm up. This year, I somehow managed to have no less than 24 summer garments by the time the temperature had hit 60 for a week (my cue to put away my winter wardrobe).

I acquired them in various ways, from wishful shopping mid-winter, to hand-me-downs from a friend, to a gift or two, to a couple that I actually bought last summer, but didn't alter to fit in time.

The photo depicts 23 articles of clothing, all tops and dresses, but I have a few more virgin articles already hanging in my closet.

I'll be the first to admit that this collection might be overkill, but that doesn't mean I'm not excited about it! I have almost a whole month's supply of clothes ready to wear! I can't wait for the next phase in wardrobe switching (tank top weather) to arrive!

I only wish my winter clothes were so fun.

Epilogue: This post reminds me of the last time I laid out a pile of clothes on the floor like this—when I documented my spending spree of early 2012. Of the 30 garments and accessories pictured in that post, I only have 16 today (and 2 of those are, respectively, on my to-sell list and in my spare clothing box at my boyfriend's house). I like to think this means that I am responsible about acquiring clothing, keeping the total number of possessions down to acceptable levels.

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