Saturday, May 17, 2014

International Fashion Week: Indonesia

Last Sunday night, feeling uncreative but wanting to celebrate the first really warm work day of the year, I grabbed a dress out of my closet I'd never worn, and set it out to wear on Monday. It was a simple blue batik dress that my boyfriend had brought me from Indonesia.

Later in the day, I started mulling the possibility of doing a themed clothing week (I do that sometimes, just to amuse myself and see if anyone notices), I originally thought I'd go with all blue outfits (again). But then I decided that would get boring. So I thought,  a rainbow! Different color every day! But then I decided that should really start with red. So then I thought, Indonesian dress? Why not feature clothes from different countries? Seeing as I don't really have a lot of "traditionally Insert_country_name_here" clothing, I knew I might have to stretch the definition a little.

How did it turn out? Well, stay tuned, because I'll be sharing one of each of the week's outfits over the next few days!

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