Sunday, September 8, 2013

All good things must come to a new beginning

It's been a while since I wrote an Unfashion post.

I was really planning on letting this blog die, or at least reserving it only for interesting DIY demos, since taking the time to get quality photos of myself in my various outfits was time-consuming and unrewarding, considering my nonexistent readership, and the resulting photos were of poor quality and hardly up to the standards of the hundreds of competing fashion blogs out there.

But it's New York Fashion Week, and in its honor, I thought I'd give it another try, just for old times' sake.

Speaking of old times, check out those boots! I think this style of boot hit its peak sometime around 10 years ago, which means it's high time to bring it back—chunky square toes and all!

I actually wore these boots for this blog a few times in its early days, before I decided they were way too outmoded, even for an Unfashionista. But I saved them because they're so comfortable, and after a year and a half gathering dust in a distant corner of my shoe rack (and I mean it—I scraped off a good millimeter of the stuff when I put them on), they're ready for another appearance. I have been seeing some majorly chunky shoes in my regular fashion haunts lately, so that gives me courage.

As for the dress, it is one of those items that can be worn for about one week out of the year—late enough in the summer that the leaves have started falling, but early enough in the fall that you can still wear a sleeveless dress without freezing.

I went all out and did my nails to match, and topped it off with a pair of tan leafy earrings.

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